Your Personal Baby Planning Concierge

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Hi, I'm Yiling, and I'm a Minimalist Mum

I love kids, and as I had my first, then second, then third child, I’ve tried many ways of doing this parenting thing – tested many lifestyles, products and methods. I noticed that every year, more products and options appear on the market, which adds to further information overload, confusion and (over)consumerism for new mothers. I have found that having good information sources and support networks saved me from going crazy or depressed. I hence would like to pay it forward and help other parents. The good news I'd especially like to share is: You don’t need to buy a lot of things or do a lot do in order to rock this parenting gig.

I say I'm a Minimalist Mum as you will find that practicality and logic guide all my decisions and choices, as does saving money and minimizing clutter. I believe in trying my best to give my family the best quality of life possible while ensuring sustainability and safeguarding our future. I fiercely guard family time and believe the kids and us thrive best when we have a good balance of stimulating activities and idle time they figure how to fill constructively on their own. I hope you find that what I share cuts through the noise and countless, often contradicting, advice you have heard, solicited or unsolicited.

Baby Concierge…Sounds Atas?

Hiring a Baby Planner or Baby Concierge service is a similar concept to hiring a Wedding Planner – to have a trusted and experienced personal consultant who can work together with you, hand in hand, to plan how best to manage having a new addition to your family. But it’s not some glam luxurious service that I’m trying to upsell you. It’s genuine, practical help that will ease your transition into your new phase of life as far as possible.

Every family is different, and so is every new mum and new baby. You may find that your pregnancy experiences are different, or want to explore different gynaes, different hospitals, different birth plans. You may find yourself at a loss after bringing home the baby as the baby just won’t stop crying no matter what you try, and you are exhausted.

No one tells women that the most pain you will experience when having a baby is not the birth itself, but the breastfeeding that follows after. People often mention sleep deprivation is one of the hardest parts of being new parents, but often you find yourself at a loss when trying to deal with it, especially when you have multiple kids or a newborn that just cant seem to stay asleep. No one also ever tells you that the one of the biggest stress factors after having a new baby is having to deal with different views and care preferences of your spouse, or family members.

An experienced Baby Planner is hence someone you can rely on to work through with you the difficulties and self-doubts your face, to help you keep your sanity and work out the best arrangements for your family. She can also provide an “external” viewpoint or voice of reason.