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At Baby Planner SG, we believe every family is different and have their unique preferences. We fully respect that and hence offer fully customizable solutions for all our services.

As we constantly conduct research on various types of solutions for different purposes, we come up with comparison tables or pros & cons of different solutions and share our findings on our blog.

Sometimes come across what we find are the "best value solutions". On these rare occasions, we will invest time and effort to bring them into Singapore for all parents to enjoy. Or if they can already be found in Singapore, we will simply list that they are and/or where they can be found.

Baby Routine Development

Baby Planner SG Recommends

For Natural Pain Relief

Many mothers would like to opt for natural pain relief when they give birth. However, the pain relief options provided by most hospitals are drug-based and so the options are mostly limited to breathing, movement, massage (by your partner or doula) or you bringing your own heat options. 

Our best bet to try would be a Maternity TENS Machine - Babycare Elle TENS

Our key reasons for recommendation are:

  1. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) stimulates our body to produce natural pain relief hormones (endorphins) and interrupts the pain signals to the brain. 
  2. Safe and trusted internationally to provide effective pain relief without any known side effects.
  3. Allows mother full control of the administration of her pain relief, and can be used in conjunction with the gas offered at the hospital.

Baby Planner SG Recommends

For Travel

There are many Essentials for travelling, but it all begins with the best travel luggage.

Best Travel Luggage - MuuHoo Kids Luggage

Luggage brands and types aplenty, and so we believe every family has their own preferences. However, if you have kids between 2 and 6 years old, and are travelling in Economy Class, we recommend the best travel luggage for your consideration to be the MuuHoo Kids Luggage. Our key reasons for recommendation are:

  1. The luggage instantly converts the Economy Class seat into Business Class seat for the child, allowing them to lie down to catch as much sleep as they can during the flight, allowing you to rest too.
  2. The two back wheels can be locked in place to ensure the luggage stays safely in place through turbulence.
  3. Not only is it a ride-on luggage for plenty of fun for the kids (plus it helps them keep up with you!), it can carry up to 60kg in weight so you need not worry about what you pack into it or 2 kids sharing the seat when riding.

Smallest/Lightest Baby Carrier Sling - Mini Monkey Sling

There is no "best" baby carrier because every wearer will have different needs and preferences. However, we find this a very handy ergonomic carrier to own for:

  • Newborn days - One of the easiest and coolest soft mesh carrier to wear baby in, for skin-to-skin closeness or just to provide secure comfort for baby for the long newborn days (and nights!)
  • Back-up - Since the carrier is so tiny (only slightly larger than a phone and only weighing 175g), it is great to always keep this in your baby bag for days your young one does not want to walk or sit in the stroller or when u need to get around quickly
  • Waterplay fun - The sling is made from a lightweight waterproof mesh material that allows you to keep baby snugly close to you while experiencing sensory water play!

Best Travel Cot - Baby Bjorn Travel Crib

Honestly, the  best option would be for the hotel to provide cots, but many hotels do not guarantee to be able to do so. Also, if your child is young, you might still be very concerned about hygiene and so prefer to bring your own. There are many retailers who sell this cot in Singapore, and our key reasons for recommendation are:

  1. Study and safe design where the base is wider than the top so the cot will not topple over. Same feature also allows a larger sleeping area for children up to 105cm tall sleeping straight, or taller curled up.
  2. Light weight (6kg) means it is easy to carry with one hand and having the other free to push a pram/luggage or carry your child.
  3. It only takes 30 seconds to set up and a couple of minutes to pack up - we haven't found any other travel cot that is easier to handle than this.

Alternatively, if you are not keen to buy a travel cot, you can rent the AeroMoove Travel Cot from Baby Carriers Rental SG. They also rent the SlumberPod if you are keen to create a blackout or segregated environment for your child! 


Baby Planner SG Recommends

For Cloth Diapering

There are several great brands of cloth diapers, and it can be overwhelming to decide what try. Baby Planner SG hence recommends trying out different types of solutions before deciding what to buy, or, if you just want to get the "best in class" with a peace of mind, we highly recommend Mother-Ease diapers.

For Potty-Training Toddlers (Day time) - Mother-Ease Big Kid Training Pants

Designed to look & feel like real underwear with comfortable Natural Cotton and soft binding and elastics, you can encourage your little one's independence as they feel wetness yet never ever leaking, for even up to two accidents!

For Potty-Training Toddlers (Night time) - Mother-Ease Bedwetter Pants

A pull-up style super absorbent pant for older children that need night time protection, yet be able to pull up and down on their own to use the toilet! Never leaks as it can hold up to 625ml!

For the Simplest All-in-One Solution (Day or Night!)- Mother-Ease's Wizard Uno Diapers

The leader in All-in-One cloth diapers - simple, trim fitting, absorbent and leak-free!

For a Breathable Diaper that Grows with your Newborn to Toddler (Day or Night!) - Mother-Ease's One-Sized Fitted Diapers

An absorbent cloth diaper that grows with your child from newborn to potty training (3.5-16kg), making it a super worthy investment. Best used with Mother-Ease Air Flow Covers to ensure diaper is waterproof.

For a Breathable Sized Diaper to Provide the Best Fit (Day or Night!) - Mother-Ease's Sandy's Fitted Diapers

Designed to outperform any other fitted cloth diapers in comfort, quality, and absorbency since 1991! Best used with Mother-Ease Air Flow Covers to ensure diaper is waterproof.

Breast Pump_5

Baby Planner SG Recommends

For Pumping

Pumping on-the-go is important for busy and mobile mummies. Yet, the traditional market pump brands are expensive and some models are clunky and/or heavy.

For Hands-free Tubes-free Pumping On-the-Go - Baby Express Be Nude (collection cups) OR Baby Express Be Mini X (collection bottles)

Support local with this pretty and nifty pump that has its motors attached directly to your pump so you can be free from tubes. The silicone flanges may also more comfortable than the usual plastic ones!

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