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Building and managing a freezer stash

I have written about managing breastfeeding in general but wanted to write this post specifically to share with new mothers who are keen to build a freezer stash of expressed breastmilk (“ebm”). This is not something every mother wants to do, but its merits are: Having some breastmilk stored up for a rainy day could…

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Managing breastfeeding

Media seems to depict breastfeeding as being the most natural thing in the world. However, most women had never done such a thing for all their lives until they had their first baby, and so it most certainly is something entirely new to new mothers. Furthermore, every woman and every baby is different and so…

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Must I spend hundreds of dollars on a breastpump?

I happen to have a few issues which hinder my babies from having a good latch. These are: having short/inverted nipples, being more prone to lumps/blockages than most women, having relatively few “holes” from which my milk flows out from and having an oversupply. As such, I pumped more than I latched most of my…

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