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Baby Planning Concierge Service

You’ve probably heard of wedding planning, but have you heard of baby planning?

When you’re expecting your first baby, there are dozens of new things to learn – from picking a gynae to preparing a nursery to buying a stroller to learning the names of all the parts of baby bottles and breastpumps. It can be very overwhelming for couples – way more stressful than planning for the one wedding day previously.

I figured this out the hard way, back in 2013 when I had my first baby. As the years went by, I saw more of my friends struggling through the same struggles I did. I also noticed that every year, more products and options appear on the market, which adds to further information overload, confusion and (over)consumerism for new mothers. Being a little bit more seasoned now that I have three of my own children and also learnt from countless other mothers who have tried different methods and products to find better ways to meet their families’ needs, I would like to help more families, especially first-time parents and parents-to-be, navigate this confusing new world of parenthood. My aim is to help you save time and buy/use less.

I offer lots of sharing for free on this blog, and am also happy to engage with you if  via comments on my blogposts or via my contact page. If you like my minimalist and value-for-money approach you read here, please also feel free to have a chat with me on the lower right corner of every page. This is to explore the possibility of having me can help you cut through the marketing noise as you prepare for the new addition to your family, and also into the first year of your child’s life. I will be happy to make recommendations (with full disclosures whether or not I receive any benefits of any kind), shop with you, or even shop for you, once I can understand a little more about you and your family’s needs and preferences. I will also help you keep track of all the stuff you need to help reduce any stress you feel getting ready for baby’s arrival. After the baby’s birth, I will be happy to make visits to check in on how you are doing, help with troubleshooting and offer assurances should you be struggling in any area of new parenthood. You can also be rest assured that I will be offering practical help where you need it.

My rates are heavily dependent on what sort of help you are looking for. In order to help you get a better idea, you can see some sample packages with more detailed descriptions. However, the best thing to do is to have an FOC discussion with me to understand what works best.