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Bespoke packages personalized for your family’s needs

Why Consider Baby Planner Services?

In Singapore, most new parents will discover that you can hire a lactation consultant to work you through some breastfeeding issues, a sleep training consultant to deal with baby sleeping routines, or even a babywearing consultant to help you with getting a good fit in various baby carrier brands. However, not only are each of these services costly on the pocket, they all require a lot of research which cost new parents time and energy – neither of which most new parents have to spare.

Baby planner services are hence an ideal solution as an experienced Baby Planner would be able to provide help in more than one area your family might need when dealing with a new addition to the family, and sometimes cover more aspects which the specialists mentioned above would. This is because an experience Baby Planning Consultant has helped different families deal with different babies in different ways – she is not pushing only one type of solution (eg. a fixed routine to get a baby to sleep alone in a quiet dark room), nor is she selling items she gets a commission for.

The experience is a roughly time-based, any or all-in-one concierge service, where you can work out with the Baby Planner what sort of help you need, and when you need it. As this is an all-new concept being offered in Singapore, feel free to browse through this website to understand better what our baby planner service is all about, and feel free to contact or chat with us to understand more.

What does a Baby Planner Do?

Just like a concierge service, a Baby Planning Consultant does what you need her to do, and adds value to your decision-making processes by providing valuable insights as she shares pros and cons of different options. She can be someone to guide you through step-by-step from pregnancy to birth and after, or the one you call when you need a sanity check whether what you’re doing is right or whether the baby is behaving normally, or an extra pair of hands and legs when you just can’t find the time or energy to deal with it all. She can be your (stay-out) confinement nanny, your lactation consultant, your babywearing consultant, your personal shopper (for baby-related items), or your personal scouter for childcare services.

Concierge Service Packages

We can tailor a customised package for you if you have a good idea of what your family needs after you read through the various services our Baby Planner can help you with, or we can share some examples of what is covered under various standardized packages if you need more information to make up your mind. Please contact us to get a quotation, or feel free to have a chat with us via the pop-up on the lower right corner of every page – an FOC discussion is best to cut through the marketing noise and come to a mutual understanding of what might work best.