It seems quite a no brainer that babies sleep in cots, right? Yet, I believe you may have friends who say their cot is just a white elephant and they never use it. These parents either co-sleep with their kids or place them on mattresses on the floor. Both these options work, so if you intend to do that, don’t bother buying a cot.

The key reasons to get a cot are (i) to ensure the baby is always safe, (ii) if the height can be adjusted up for use before the baby can stand, to reduce the frequency of bending over to pick baby up, which can take a toil on your back, and (iii) if you wish to sleep train your child.

If you intend to use one, or want to get one just in case, there are a wide array of options out there, from moses baskets (aka bassinets) to co-sleepers to toddler-convertible ones. How to pick one then?

Moses baskets are cute but the only reason to get them are for portability. However, they would only last you 6 months at best. If you need portability, I’d rather suggest you get a travel cot instead. Co-sleepers sort of work for a while but you will soon find that your baby who wants to nurse at night would be crawling onto your bed anyway so the co-sleeper becomes a white elephant. And if they don’t, a mattress on the floor next to your bed works in the similar manner but a much cheaper/more space-saving option.

My advice is to go with the largest sized one that can fit your intended sleeping arrangement. This is because babies grow pretty quickly and so the most economically sensible choice is to get one that can last the longest period of time. This is also a possible item to buy second hand or engage our Personal Shopper Services to find the best one that suits your family’s needs and preferences. We don’t favour ANY brands!

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