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Maternity TENS - For Natural Drug-Free Childbirth

In Singapore, there are a growing number of mothers would like to opt for natural pain relief when they give birth. However, the general approach here by most hospitals and obstetricians is "active management", and mostly drug-based. Most mothers hence have limited options such as breathing, movement, massage (by your partner or doula) or heat, to help cope with labour pain.

If a drug-free delivery is desired, Baby Planner SG recommends using a Maternity Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) Machine for safe and effective natural pain relief instead! The mild electric impulses causes the body to release natural pain relief hormones (endorphins) and interrupts the pain signals to the brain, while the body feels a tingling sensation on the skin.

Baby Planner SG is proud to be an authorised retailer of the full range of 3 Babycare Elle TENS machines in Singapore:

Elle TENS Elle TENS 2 Elle TENS+
Pre-set modes for ease of use Yes Yes Yes
Boost button for contractions Yes Yes Yes
Opti-Max technology for extra power Yes Yes
Backlight Yes Yes
TENS mode after birth Yes
PELVIC FLOOR mode after birth Yes
Large maternity electrode pads Yes Yes Yes
Belt clip and neck cord for extra mobility Yes Yes Yes

Why Consider Elle Maternity TENS?

  • Approved Medical Device

    Elle Maternity TENS machines are compliant with strict European medical device regulations, registered and approved by Health Sciences Authority of Singapore.

  • Safe and Effective Pain Management

    Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) stimulates the body to produce natural pain relief hormones (endorphins) and interrupts the pain signals to the brain. There are NO known side effects to mother or baby.

  • Easy to Use

    Allows mother full control of the administration of her pain relief 

    • Modes are all pre-set and easily adjusted by pressing up and down arrows
    • Boost button with Opti-Max settings to provide extra relief during contractions
    • Ergonomic hand-held design for easy use 
    • Neck-cord to allow hands-free use
  • Pre-labour, During labour and Post-labour Use

    Elle Maternity TENS is your companion through the final stages of the third trimester into the fourth trimester

    • From 37 weeks of pregnancy, the Elle Maternity TENS can be safely used to help with lower back pain during pregnancy
    • Before heading to the hospital, set up your Elle Maternity TENS for hassle-free transition when you are ready to use it
    • Post pregnancy, the Elle Maternity TENS can also help with relieving any after-birth pain or general backaches
      • Elle TENS+ has the after-birth 'TENS mode' pre-set for general pain relief in the back, knees, shoulders, etc, as well the 'pelvic floor mode' to help toning and strengthening of the pelvic floor after birth, improving bladder control and sexual satisfaction
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