Frequently Asked Questions

A baby planner is a maternity consultant that provides unbiased support, information, education and resources to expecting parents or parents with a recent newborn. By evaluating their clients specific needs and providing them with the appropriate information, education and resources, baby planners empower their clients to make the best decisions for their growing family.

A baby planner tailors her services to suit her clients specific needs, lifestyle and preferences and help them to determine the types of resources, services and products that will be essential for them to utilise on their journey towards parenthood and beyond.
A baby planner seeks to educate her clients to help them make informed decisions. She does so by explaining the pros and cons of various options regarding birthing, feeding, sleeping, health, fitness, nutrition, eco-friendly living, safety, post-partum support, budgeting, baby gear and more. In so-doing, she also may incidentally serve as a matchmaker, a personal shopper and/or a coordinator.
As a matchmaker, a baby planner pairs her clients with the most suitable and reputable services and products based on their specific needs and lifestyle. She may also shop with or on behalf of her client as a personal shopper. As a coordinator, a baby planner may organize special events such as a baby shower or a milestone celebration (eg. a manyue or first year's birthday party).

A baby planner does not diagnose, treat, examine or medically advise their clients. Unless a baby planner has additional training or a specialized certification or license in a specific area of practice, a baby planner does not prescribe or attempt to perform additional services that require advanced training. Her advice also does not replace the advice of the family’s pediatricians or therapists.

While some certified baby planners may have the additional training, certification or licensing needed to offer services like offering nutrition advice, installing or inspecting car seats, giving pre- or postnatal massage or providing doula or midwifery services, these practices are outside of a baby planners scope of work.

Our Baby Planners are still undergoing IBCLC Certification but are experienced with helping many mothers with breastfeeding and pumping issues.

Employment Agency Licences are only necessary for agencies in placement activities of Malaysian or Singaporean confinement nannies. Baby Planner SG does not place any jobseekers with any employers but our own Baby Planners will be helping you with pregnancy support services, lactation consultant services, personal shopper services, confinement nanny services, baby led weaning or baby sleep consultant services.

Our Baby Planners providing Stay-out Confinement Nanny Services will provide support on any questions you may have on baby and/or self care; once your questions are answered our Baby Planner will look after your baby for you while you rest. She will also provide practical help around the house, though it is unlikely she will be able to cook meals for your family. What she can do instead would be to arrange for nutritious meals to be delivered for your family, according to your preferences.

Our baby planning services are highly personalised and can be customised according to your needs. What is described on the various Services pages are mainly to provide clarity on what our Baby Planner can and will do to add value to your journey to parenthood and beyond. As such, please contact us for a discussion on the areas you think you would like some help in, and we will provide a quotation (and relevant discounts!) for the services once we take into account the amount of time our Baby Planner will be spending with you.

Largely, Baby Planner SG provides you access to all relevant materials for the services you sign up for immediately after full payment is received. Baby Planner usually offers great flexibility in the exact form of services provided/information shared, and so would accept payment for additional services rendered after providing them. We also provide refunds of any unused portions 🙂

Baby Planner SG fully understands that sometimes you need to change your minds. Refunds of any unused portions of any packages purchased will be provided with no questions asked.

We presently offer free local pick-ups at 133 Geylang East Avenue 1 (next to Aljunied MRT Station), or you can enjoy free shipping via courier for orders over $100.

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Concierge Service Packages

We can tailor a customised package for you if you have a good idea of what your family needs after you read through the various services our Baby Planner can help you with, or we can share some examples of what is covered under various standardized packages if you need more information to make up your mind. Please contact us to get a quotation, or feel free to have a chat with us via the pop-up on the lower right corner of every page – an FOC discussion is best to cut through the marketing noise and come to a mutual understanding of what might work best.