When it comes to prams or strollers, there are SO MANY options out there and there is NO such thing as THE “perfect” pram. This is because every family’s lifestyle is different and so different prams or strollers meet different needs.

To simplify your decision-making process, here are the main considerations when choosing one, and different people will find different considerations more important than others:

  • Weight – How often will you need to be carrying your pram and how often will you be travelling alone with the baby in the pram? Eg. If you take taxis and/or buses often, there are fairly high chances you will need to carry it often. Even if you drive but often travel alone with the baby, you will probably be lifting the pram often.
  • Wheels and suspension (size, type, ability to lock or rotate) – When will you likely be using the pram and will it be able to support other types of activities which are important to you?
  • Seat (direction(s), recline options, support/comfort) – Depending on the age and preferences of the child, as well as the time periods you want to use the pram, you may have different requirements
  • Fold – How does the pram fold/unfold? Would you need 2 hands/many steps to complete the fold? Can it stand on its own after folding? What are the dimensions after folding? Can it fold with the seat facing different directions and/or with add-ons like older child stands?
  • Canopy (coverage and adjustability)
  • Basket (size, weight limit and accessibility)
  • Height of handlebar
  • Compatability with bassinets/carseats
  • Versatility for multiple children

You will find that you can never find a pram that scores the “best” in every aspect listed above. This is because some of the features would result directly in trade-offs in the other areas. Eg. you cannot have the largest wheels with highest suspension in order to handle all terrain well and expect the pram to be lightweight or fold up small.

Your pram can be quite a big decision and the costs vary widely. This is also a possible item to buy second hand but there are a number of considerations when so-doing. Please check out our Pram Evaluation Services to understand more about how Baby Planner SG can help you make the best decision for your family.

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