Baby Planner Recommendations: Mother-ease Leak-free Cloth Diapering Systems

Baby Planner SG has been experimenting with various cloth diapering systems and to find a pull-up solution which could last through the night. After trying various options, we found Mother-ease Bedwetter Pants to be most suitable - simple for all caregivers, trim and effective.

Mother-ease is a Canadian manufacturer who have been offering parents with high quality, reliable, leak-free cloth diapering systems since 1991. Mother-ease uses custom knit fabrics to ensure great absorbency, durability, so parents can continue to use the same set of diapers for many children.

Presently, the only ways to buy Mother-ease diapers are to order directly on their website (in USD for international orders) and either pay them to use UPS or DHL for international shipping, or go through some more administration and waiting time by using a freight forwarder to save money.

Baby Planner SG would hence like to distribute Mother-ease Cloth Diapers in Singapore. We are therefore seeking to understand what products you might be interested in to make our first orders. This survey only contains 8 questions and should take 5-10 minutes to complete. Thanks so much for your time!

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