Cloth Diapers with Best-in-Class Absorbency and Trimness - Now Available in Singapore

There are several great brands of cloth diapers, and it can be overwhelming to decide what try. Baby Planner SG hence recommends trying out different types of solutions with someone knowledgeable to handhold you through your journey - before deciding what to buy. We hence collaborate with the best and only diaper library in Singapore to bring you Diaper Rental and Mentoring Services.

Or, if you just want to get the "best in class" diapers in Singapore for a peace of mind, we highly recommend Mother-Ease diapers!

Mother-ease is a Canadian manufacturer who have been offering parents with high quality, convenient, reliable, leak-free cloth diapering systems since 1991. Mother-ease uses custom knit fabrics to ensure great absorbency, durability, so parents can continue to use the same set of diapers for many children - the performance of their fabrics is unparalleled in the market.

Mother-ease manufactures all products in Ontario, Canada using 100% green energy. Mother-ease ensures that only the highest quality fabrics, elastics and snaps are used on all of our diapers and covers, and hold their manufacturing to the highest standards of inspection and quality control. Because of this, they stand proudly behind each and every Mother-ease product, and offer the Mother-ease Warranty.

Why Consider Mother-ease Cloth Diapers?


Best Comfort & Performance

Mother-ease offers the most absorbent yet leak-free, breathable, yet trim-fitting cloth diapers in the market. Whether you prefer all-in-ones, all-in-twos, fitteds or pull-ups, you will find Mother-ease diapers provide a comfortable fit and great performance.


Easy Transition from Disposable Pull-Ups

The Mother-ease Bedwetter Pants perform can be worn for 12-hours overnight and perform as most disposable diapers in terms of absorbency, thickness and ease of wear. Simply wear them like disposable pull-up diapers!
The Mother-ease Big Kid Training Pants feel pretty much like regular underwear but can absorb two full pees!


Save Money

Mother-ease offers one-sized adjustible diapers like the Wizard Uno All-in-Ones and the One Size Fitteds which can be used from newborn all the way till toddlerhood.
Using 5-10 pieces of disposable diapers for costing between 25-70 cents for 3 years (i.e. ~$2,600)!
By contrast, 24 such disposable diapers over 3 years will only cost ~$700! You can even sell them off after that or reuse for the next baby.


Save Our Earth

Mother-ease manufactures all cloth diapers and pads in their facility in Ontario, Canada, using 100% green electricity since 2007. All diapers are made from the finest quality materials so you can use them over many years and multiple kids. Instead of sending ~2,200 pieces of disposable diapers to the landfills every year, consider doing your part to conserve our earth.

Diaper (Reusable)

Types of Mother-ease Cloth Diapers Available in Singapore

There are disposable diapers for every need:

1. For Walking Toddlers (Day time) - Mother-Ease Big Kid Training Pants

A pull-up which looks and feels like real underwear with trim and comfortable Natural Cotton and soft binding and elastics, you can encourage your little one's independence as they feel wetness yet never leak, for up to two full pees.

2. For Walking Toddlers (Day or Night!) - Mother-Ease Bedwetter Pants

A pull-up style super absorbent pant for older children that need night time protection, yet be able to pull up and down on their own to use the toilet. Never leaks as it can hold up to 625ml!

3. For the Simplest All-in-One Solution (Day or Night!)- Mother-Ease's Wizard Uno Diapers

The only quick-drying All-in-One cloth diapers - simple, trim fitting, absorbent and leak-free!

4. For a Breathable Diaper that Grows with your Newborn to Toddler (Day or Night!) - Mother-Ease's One-Sized Fitted Diapers

An absorbent workhorse that grows with your child from newborn to potty training (3.5-16kg), making it a super worthy investment. Best used with Mother-Ease Air Flow Covers to ensure diaper is waterproof.

5. For a Breathable Sized Diaper to Provide the Best Fit (Day or Night!) - Mother-Ease's Sandy's Fitted Diapers

Designed to outperform any other fitted cloth diapers in comfort, quality, and absorbency since 1991! Best used with Mother-Ease Air Flow Covers to ensure diaper is waterproof.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cloth Diapering

1. Isn't it gross to wash pee and poop off cloth diapers?

Modern washing machine technology is amazing! All you need to do is follow the steps below under "How to Wash Cloth Diapers?"

2. How to Wash Cloth Diapers?

A good wash routine is very important and need not be complicated. Just follow the steps below:

  • Reuse_3

    1. Dry Pail with lots of big holes for Ventilation

    • For cloth diapers with pee, just leave them in a pail or open basket with many large holes (a.k.a "dry pail") for 1-2 days until you are ready to do the First Wash
    • For poop which can be rolled off, simply roll off the solid pieces into the toilet bowl and put the soiled cloth diaper into the dry pail 
    • For poop which cannot be rolled off, use a bidet spray to blast most of the poop off the cloth diaper over a toilet bowl and put the soiled diaper into the dry pail
    • When on the go, store your dirty diapers in good quality wet bags before emptying the wet bags into your dry pail when you reach home

  • Washing Machine_3

    2. First Wash (a.k.a "Pre-Wash")

    This should be done at 40-60oC, for 30-60mins (choose a short cycle on your washing machine with the highest possible spin speed)

    • To be done every 1-2 days, but within 24 hours if you have any diapers that have been worn for more than 4hrs 
    • Use ½ ‘heavily soiled’ dose of detergent
    • Washing machine should only contain soiled cloth diapers and/or pads only (the machine does not need to be full)
  • Reuse_3

    3. Back to Dry Pail

    This step is only necessary if you are not doing the Second Wash immediately. You may opt to have a 2nd "clean" dry pail if you do not do a Main Wash every day and do not want freshly soiled diapers to "contaminate" these 80% clean diapers.

  • Washing Machine_3

    4. Second Wash (a.k.a "Main Wash")

    This should be done at 40-60oC, for 2-4hours (choose a long "cotton" cycle on your washing machine)

    • To be done every 1-4 days (diapers need not be dry)
    • ‘Heavily soiled’ dose of detergent
    • You can add in other laundry items which are less than 60cm x 60cm in size (or use a washing net for items larger than this)
    • Washing machine needs to be loosely full when dry or ½-¾ full when wet
  • Drying Rack_3

    5. Dry the cloth diapers

    You can choose either of 2 options - Lay flat to dry OR tumble dry on medium heat in a dryer

    • Do not hang diapers with elastics to dry as the elastics will stretch and loosen over time
    • Do not bleach the diapers as this would void The Mother-ease Warranty.

For easier reference on your phone, save this Washing Guide as a picture on your phone by clicking here:

Thought Bubbles

2. Doesn't the washing machine get filthy with all the pee and poop then? And doesn't it contaminate your other clothes?

Based on scientific testing, hot water kills germs and laundry detergents break down human waste very effectively, especially in heat. Using the right wash cycles per your washing machine's manual (eg. Cotton cycle) will ensure enough water is used to wash out all the waste from the machine too. It is also a healthy practice to sanitise your washing machine once a month using a 75-90oC wash cycle on an empty washing machine.

All the pee and poop hence gets washed out in the Pre-wash Cycle and so the Main Wash Cycle can be done with other clothes 🙂

3. Doesn't using all these water and heat defeat the purpose of trying to save the earth?

Again, modern washing machines are designed to be super efficient even though the wash cycles may be long. And actually, the right cycles with full loads to ensure optimal agitation and cleanliness of your clothes might use less water and/or electricity than short washing cycles on your washing machine. This is especially so in Singapore since our "room temperature" is only usually ~10oC away from "hot", i.e. 40oC.

Check out this video for more info (just 3.5mins in might blow your mind!), and then read your washing machine manual for details!

By the way, did you know that SO MUCH WATER is used in the making of disposable diapers? The amount of water used to manufacture EACH disposable diaper is 2.3 times that used to manufacture each cloth diaper...which means that a 180-piece packet of disposable diaper lasting 1 month uses 17.5 times the water used to produce 24 diapers (sufficient for full-time cloth diapering for manymany months!).