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Postpartum Doula Support - Anything and Everything You Need

Congratulations on your recent birth!

It is a very exciting yet tiring time as you experience all the different emotions and deal with new experiences. Many questions arise and decisions need to be made, but your family, friends and google are all giving you confusing and sometimes conflicting pieces of advice.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s perfectly normal! Our experienced Baby Planner is an experienced Postpartum Doula and can provide a logical sounding board and listening ear to guide you through how to make all the small and big decisions on a daily basis regarding breastfeeding, pumping, baby sleep, daily routines, deciphering baby's cues, how much and how often to feed baby, and more.

Types of Postpartum Doula Support Services Offered

1. Stay-out Confinement Nanny Services

We spend our time with you educating and showing you baby care methods, adjusting baby's latch, how to pump efficiently and understanding your family preferences so as to help you create sustainable routines where you can get pockets of rest to look after your mental, emotional and physical well-being.

For more information, please see details of our Confinement Nanny Services.

Sleep Training Services
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2. Lactation Consultant Services

The single most time-consuming area after baby is born is breastfeeding. Whether you struggle with getting baby to latch efficiently, stay awake to drink enough milk, baby crying at the breast, bleeding nipples, painful lumps in your breasts, wondering how to pump milk out, wondering whether your pump is right for you, or any other lactation-related issue, we understand it all.

Find out more about the Lactation Consultation Services we offer, including expertise in Exclusive Pumping Support.

3. Sleep Training and Routines

The next biggest source of anxiety for new parents after baby is born is baby's sleep (or lack of thereof, leading to the parents having a lack of sleep too). It is very possible for your child to learn good sleeping habits from Day 1, so we work with you to understand your priorities and preferences before recommending how best to go about achieving your goals.

Find out more about what we include in our Baby Sleep Consultant Services.

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4. Post 6-months Support

Baby sleep training can be an iterative process, especially when various events in life cause disruptions to baby's routines. Our Baby Sleep Training Services are hence till four years old.

As baby grows older to 4-6 months old, they will soon be ready to begin eating solids. We offer Weaning Support Services to journey with you on how to prep daily meals and inculcate healthy eating habits from the get-go.

In addition, we offer a listening ear and unbiased advice as you consider longer-term care arrangements for your baby as both parents head back to work. In these, we offer questionaires for Infant/Child Care Centres, interview questions for live-in helpers or stay-out nannies and more to help you make the best decision for your family.

In all we do, Baby Planner SG respects your family's preferred choices

If you would like to customise any pregnancy support services to suit your needs, please contact or chat with us via the pop-up in the lower right corner to find out more.

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