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Pregnancy Support Services

Private Prenatal Classes in the Familiarity of Your Home Environment

Antenatal classes are a great way for expecting parents to learn what to expect regarding the upcoming birth process, breastfeeding and baby care. Every family has different preferences and so we believe every family would prefer to spend their precious time focusing on learning what is more relevant for their lifestyle and preferences. The most valuable part of prenatal classes also tend to be confidence-building through hands-on practice on handling the baby. This requires 1-on-1 attention from the instructor, which group classes tend not to be able to provide.

Why Consider Private Prenatal Classes?

Journeying with you

Save Time and Money

Most group prenatal classes require you to spend 6-8 hours (sometimes requiring commitment on specific time slots over 3-4 weeks) where the bulk of the time is spent covering theory and descriptions on the topics covered in the class. Baby Planner SG will share the materials covering the theory and descriptions on the topics prior to the session(s) and spend the 1-on-1 session time with you elaborating on the areas you would like to learn more about. More time within the sessions can also then be devoted to the practical aspects on handing the baby to build confidence. It is often also during the hands-on activities where more questions arise. You can hence have full control the number of and duration of the sessions, and pay only for the time our Baby Planning Consultant spends with you.

Make Decisions Objectively

Build Confidence with Hands-on Learning

Baby Planner SG will bring a new-born sized baby doll and can either use items which you have already bought, or bring other items you have not yet bought for the private classes. This provides hands-on experience for you to try using baby items you had never tried using before and get instant feedback on the best ways of handling the items. It builds your confidence and helps you visualise the actual situations when breastfeeding, preparing baby bottles, changing the baby’s diaper and swaddling the baby bent over a cot/bed, bathing the baby, etc. During the lessons, you will role-play some typical scenarios to help you prepare for life when baby is home with you. We believe it is also helpful for you to discover better ways to arrange the furniture in their house or determine what baby items you need to purchase.


Enjoy Privacy Learning about Breastfeeding

Group antenatal classes are only able to provide theoretical education about breastfeeding and pumping, but it is hard to understand how breastfeeding positions actually feel when you are doing so at home with your baby. Every breastpump is also different and trying to figure fittings based off pictures can be challenging or confusing. Private prenatal classes, on the other hand, can allow you test all the breastfeeding hold positions on your sofa or bed so you can figure out what kinds of pillows/side tables you might need nearby. If you so wish, our Baby Planning Consultant can also provide practical feedback on how to use your pump correctly during the session(s), or how to feel whether you have developed clogged ducts or perform manual hand expression of milk.

What is Included in Private Prenatal Classes?

  • Included: All Class Materials

    Once you sign up for our private prenatal classes, we will send you materials covering the following topics, at least a week before your preferred private prenatal class:

    • Signs of Labour and what to do
    • Physical and mental preparation for the stages of labour
    • Understanding pain relief options, induction, c-sections and hospital procedures so you can make informed decisions
    • How breastfeeding works
    • Breastfeeding positions
    • Understanding baby cues and cries
    • Understanding baby sleep cycles
    • Understanding baby poop
  • Included: Initial Private Prenatal Class

    Our initial private prenatal class will be scheduled for 2 hours at your home. We will spend the initial time going through the materials sent, and you can express your preference for the way you prefer our Baby Planning Consultant to cover them – through a thorough presentation or only answering questions you have on the various topics. After going through the topics, we will cover the following hands-on practices:

    • Carrying baby
    • Breastfeeding positions
    • Changing diapers
    • Swaddling baby
    • Bathing baby
  • Not Included in Initial Booking: Optional Topics

    Optional topics for hands-on practices:

    • How to babywear
    • How to use your breastpump
    • How to perform hand expressions for milk to get rid of clogs and/or to check whether your breasts are fully empty

    Depending on how much is covered during the first session, you can then decide with the Baby Planning Consultant whether any follow-up sessions and/or text/video support is needed to spend more time on any topics of interest or sign up for other Pregnancy Support Services.

Private Prenatal Classes

How much does such Private Prenatal Classes Cost?

The initial booking for our Private Prenatal Classes is $100. With this, you will receive all education materials covered on the topics above, and can enjoy a 2-hour private prenatal consulting session at a venue of your choice. Any additional time spent with you for follow-up sessions at your home or via text/videos on the same topics or optional topics listed will be charged at a rate of $50/hour.

Alternatively, you can consider other aspects of pregnancy support we offer.

In all we do, Baby Planner SG respects your family's preferred choices

Our philosophy is you should be able to save more than what you have spent by hiring us!

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