Diaper Mentoring Experience


Please read through the terms and conditions of our Diaper Rental Services before checking the “I agree to Diaper Rental Terms & Conditions” box below.


Diaper Mentoring Experience includes:

  1. A fully refundable deposit of $50
  2. Downloadable materials on
    • Starter guide to different types of cloth diapers
    • Washing guide for cloth diapers
  3. 1-hour Private Cloth Diapering Worksh0p
    • Visit can be made to any address in Singapore, and time during visit will be spent on:
      • Finding out your preferences and objectives
      • Setting up an efficient laundry routine
      • What settings on your washing machine to use
      • Demonstrating and adjusting fits for various diapers
  4. Up to 20 diapers of your choice (if you have specific request), or based on our Baby Planner’s recommendations according to your lifestyle and preferences
    • Diapers will be washed and sanitised before being couriered to any address in Singapore
    • You can keep the diapers to keep using them for up to 4 weeks
    • Courier will be arranged to pick them up from you on your preferred date from any address in Singapore
  5. Unlimited text support via whatsapp

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