Exclusive Pumping Support


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S$120 Exclusive Pumping Support includes:

  1. Up to 1 visit
    • Visit can be made to any hospital or home address in Singapore
    • Visit will be up to 1 hour and should coincide with a pumping session in order for Baby Planner SG to observe and/or go through any of the relevant topics, such as:
      • How you massage your breasts before/after each pump session to ensure you are fully empty
      • Your flange fitting and pump settings
      • How to perform hand expressions effectively
      • Various techniques on how to get rid of clogs
      • Various techniques on how to manage pain
  2. Unlimited Community Support
    • Baby Planner SG will provide unlimited support via an exclusive community group to support you throughout your pumping journey

Topics which can also be covered during the face-to-face visits or text/community support include:

  • How to EP (for mothers considering EPing)
  • How to increase/maintain/reduce supply when EP
  • How to reduce number of pumps per day
  • How to prevent engorgement or blocked ducts when EP
  • How to prevent cracked nipples when EP
  • How to build and manage a freezer stash effectively

Any additional time spent with you during any face-to-face visits will be charged at S$30/30mins or part of thereof.

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