Mother-ease Air Flow Cover


A soft, durable and super thin waterproof cover with adjustable snaps at the waist and leg openings, making it the most breathable waterproof diaper cover.

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The Mother-ease Air Flow Cover is a waterproof snap cloth diaper covers that refuses to compromise breathability. It is soft, durable and super thin with adjustable snaps at the waist and leg openings. Air ventilation system between the snaps allows for maximum air circulation as baby moves, reducing the risk of bacteria by keeping the temperature inside the cloth diaper down.

The Air Flow cover is to be used with either the One Size Fitted Diapers or Sandy’s Fitted Diapers to create a highly breathable, leakproof diapering system.


  • Lightweight and breathable, yet waterproof
  • Adjustable snaps at both the waist and legs for a secure, tamper-proof fit
  • Side snaps make it harder for children to attempt removal
  • Gaps between the snap closures increase air flow
  • Lifetime Warranty on our Elastics!


We recommend purchasing the Air Flow Cover using the weight range below. If you are unsure which size to purchase, please chat with us or email us with age and weight, and if possible, waist and thigh measurements and we’ll get back to you with the right size.

S fits 3.5-5.5kg, to be used with Small Sandy’s Fitted or One Size Fitted Diapers
M fits 4.5-9kg, to be used with Small Sandy’s Fitted or One Size Fitted Diapers
L fits 9-16kg, to be used with Large Sandy’s Fitted or One Size Fitted Diapers
XL fits 15-20kg, to be used with the Toddle-Ease Diapers

The Air Flow Covers run true to size, no need to buy big.  They are designed with a roomy fit, though they do compress down under clothes nicely.  While the generous cut of the Air Flow covers makes them a great choice for fitted diapers, if you would like to use them with prefolds or flats, the diaper must be secured first with a Snappi or pins.


See Washing Guide for detailed instructions.

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Bee Kind, Flight, Foxy, Sunshine


S (3.5-5.5kg), M (4.5-9kg), L (9-16kg), XL (16-20kg)