10-Day Ultimate Confinement Nanny Package


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S$2200 10-Day Ultimate Confinement Services includes:

  1. Downloadable Materials
    • How to get a deep latch
    • How to do perform hand expression
    • How to prevent engorgement, blocked ducts and/or cracked nipples
    • How to build and manage a freezer stash effectively
    • A customised routine recommendation for your family
  2. Up to 3 Visits
    • Visits can be made to any home address in Singapore
    • Visits will last 4-6 hours each and can be made to your home anytime within the first 4 weeks after you give birth
    • Recommended for 1st visit to coincide with baby shower time to provide guidance as you shower your baby
    • First 3-5 visits to coincide with at least 2 feeding or pumping times to provide breastfeeding/pumping support
    • Last 3-5 visits to coincide with at least 1-2 nap and wake windows to provide support on developing routines
    • During every visit our Baby Planner will provide support on any questions you may have on baby and/or self care; once your questions are answered our Baby Planner will look after your baby for you while you rest
  3. Text Support for up to 4 Hours
    • Baby Planner SG will provide text support for up to 4 hours within the 4 weeks after you give birth to ensure you can get all the answers to any questions you have

Baby Planner SG is open to always willing to offer refunds for any unused services should you find that you do not intend to utilise them after making your purchase. Please see our FAQs for more information on our refund process.

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