Your Any or All-in-One Baby Planning Concierge Service, As and When You Need It

Just like a concierge service, a Baby Planning Consultant does what you need her to do, and adds value to your decision-making processes by providing valuable insights as she shares pros and cons of different options.

An experienced Baby Planning Consultant can guide you through step-by-step from pregnancy to birth and after, take loads off your mind by keeping track of everything you need, or be the one you call when you need a sanity check whether what you’re doing is right.

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Alternatives to a Hiring a Baby Planning Consultant

In Singapore, you can hire a lactation consultant to work you through some breastfeeding issues, but they are expensive and not many are very familiar with new pumps and also have very dated views on how breastfeeding and pumping should work. You can also hire a sleep training consultant, but their advice for babies under 12 weeks old are limited, and, you might not be ready to “let your baby cry to sleep”. You can also join parent support groups to seek advice from other parents on which baby carriers or prams to buy, but such research takes time and energy, and you often receive conflicting advice.

Why not hire just one person, who has done deep levels of research on all these topics three times over, and has helped countless other mothers with the various unique situations they have faced?

Where do I Start?

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How much do Personal Baby Planning Services cost?

There’s no straight answer to this question as it honestly depends on exactly what help you need. We mean it when we say this is a bespoke service, tailored according to your needs. It is largely a time-based service, so please feel free to contact or chat with us via the pop-up in the lower right corner to get a quotation or see sample packages to understand more.

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