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Personal Shopper Services to Demystify Baby Essentials

Once you are pregnant, it seems a whole new world of vocabulary has opened for you. Rompers, onesies, swaddles, playpens, baby gyms, rockers, flanges, valves, teats, moses basket, baby monitor...what ARE all these things?! There are lots of magazines and fairs that seem to tell you need everything, and some even provide checklists of what you need to buy to prepare for a baby’s birth, but none seem to explain what exactly you need all of them for. Many parents who follow such checklists thus end up with lots of things they hardly use taking up a lot of space in their house.

Why Consider Personal Shopper Services for Baby Essentials?

Pregnany Support

Make Educated Purchases

Many baby items and accessories serve a very limited purpose, for a very limited amount of time. To fuel consumerism, retailers market these products as “essentials” to many unsuspecting parents who do not know any better because they do not know what to expect when their baby is born. Every family has different lifestyles and preferences and so what is actually “essential” varies. Let our Baby Planner explain the uses of each baby item before you decide whether or not to buy it.

Make Decisions Objectively

Save Time and Money

You want to buy the best quality items, and the true “essentials” that will bring the most value to your family. To do this effectively you need to be familiar with the different brands for the various categories of products. and the varieties of options offered. Research on all these products and/or testing them out can take up significant time and energy. Outsource this effort to our Baby Planner Personal Shopper who can ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

New Lifestyle

Save the Earth

By only buying what is really essential for your family, you will be doing your part in saving the earth by reducing the amount of waste generated. You can further reduce your carbon footprint (and save many hundreds of dollars!) by learning which baby items to buy brand new for safety or other reasons, and which items preloved. Sourcing for preloved items can be a pain, so you can choose to leave that to our Baby Planner Personal Shopper.

Pick the Right Big Ticket Items

Cots, playpens, prams, breastpumps, baby carriers, carseats, baby monitors and some other possibly essential baby items cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Some of them also take up a lot of space in your home, or lose a lot of value in the resale market. Our experienced Baby Planner Personal Shopper will help ensure what you buy will work best for your family’s preferred lifestyle post-baby, and not end up a white elephant.

How much does such Personal Shopper Services Cost?

Our Baby Planning Services are bespoke, tailored according to your needs.

You can decide if you prefer our Baby Planner Personal Shopper to elaborate further on free sharing on this blog, or do specific research on certain products, or visit your home to understand space constraints before making recommendations, or accompany you when you shop so that she can help you ask the right questions.

It is largely a time-based service, so everything described on this page above could cost between $100-500, depending on how much support you prefer from us. Our philosophy is you should be able to save more than what you have spent by hiring us!

In all we do, Baby Planner SG respects your family's preferred choices

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