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Lactation Support Services

Exclusive Pumping - a Lifestyle Choice Made Possible

There are many reasons why pumping to feed a baby is necessary. Your baby could be born premature or have tongue/lip ties which prevent them from latching, your baby might find sucking on short/inverted nipples tiring, or the mother might need to be away from the baby for long periods of time very soon after birth. Or, the mother may choose to exclusively pump (EP) as a lifestyle choice, or to allow greater bonding between the baby’s father or other caregivers through feeding. In any case, exclusively pumping to breastfeed babies is in no way inferior to nursing babies directly from the breast.

Why Consider Exclusive Pumping Lactation Support Services?

New Lifestyle

Evolving Your Preferred Lifestyle

One of the ways to regain confidence and control of your new lives after having a new baby is through regaining control of your time and being able to plan activities to support your preferred lifestyle. Pumping is a great way to ensure full boobs do not interrupt your new routines and engorgement issues stay at bay.

Weaning Services

Regulating Your Supply

The key to regulating your supply is understanding how your body responds to signals to produce more or less milk. Learn how to “fully empty” to increase supply, or avoid engorgement issues, or “pump the desired amount” and avoid the issues of oversupply, or pump fewer times a day while maintaining supply to minimise disruption to other activities.

Support and Validation

Receiving Support and Validation

The EP lifestyle is not one understood by many and involves vast amounts of sacrifice and discipline. Our Baby Planner is able to share tips and hacks on how to make the journey easier and more enjoyable, while also helping you save time and money. She is also familiar with pumps and accessories which only EP parents understand!

How much does such Exclusive Pumping Support Services Cost?

Our Baby Planning Services are bespoke, tailored according to your needs. Besides providing support via text or images/videos, our Baby Planner may visit your home if you so prefer in order to help you with flange fittings, or to work with you on expressing techniques. She can also share more about managing your freezer stash.

It is largely a time-based service, so everything described on this page above could cost between $100-400, depending on how much support you prefer from us. Our philosophy is you should be able to save more than what you have spent by hiring us!

In all we do, Baby Planner SG respects your family's preferred choices

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