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Exclusive Pumping to Breastfeed

A Lifestyle Choice Made Possible

What is Exclusive Pumping?

Exclusive pumping (also known as EPing) is a method of breastfeeding when a mother only expresses breastmilk out to feed her baby without nursing her baby directly at her breast. 

Why would anyone Exclusively Pump?

There are many reasons why EPing to feed a baby is necessary. Some might be:

  • The baby could be born premature or have tongue/lip ties which prevent them from latching
  • The baby might find sucking on short/inverted nipples tiring
  • The mother might need to be away from the baby for long periods of time very soon after birth.
  • It is easier to see exactly how much volume of milk the baby had drunk
  • It is easier to control and/or predict your schedule
  • Bottle-feeding can allow greater bonding between the baby’s father or other caregivers through feeding

EP can hence be a need or a lifestyle choice. In any case, exclusively pumping to breastfeed babies is in no way inferior to nursing babies directly from the breast.

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Why Consider Exclusive Pumping Support Services?

New Lifestyle

Evolving Your Preferred Lifestyle

One of the ways to regain confidence and control of your new lives after having a new baby is through regaining control of your time and being able to plan activities to support your preferred lifestyle. Pumping is a great way to ensure full boobs do not interrupt your new routines and engorgement issues stay at bay.

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Regulating Your Supply

The key to regulating your supply is understanding how your body responds to signals to produce more or less milk. Learn how to “fully empty” to increase supply, or avoid engorgement issues, or “pump the desired amount” and avoid the issues of oversupply, or pump fewer times a day while maintaining supply to minimise disruption to other activities.

Support and Validation

Receiving Support and Validation

The EP lifestyle is not one understood by many and involves vast amounts of sacrifice and discipline. Our Baby Planner is able to share tips and hacks on how to make the journey easier and more enjoyable, while also helping you save time and money. She is also familiar with pumps and accessories which only EP parents understand!

Best for mothers who would like to consider/have made the decision to exclusive pump breastmilk and want to do it more efficiently or resolve pumping or supply issues

S$100 initial deposit includes:

  • Topic covered

    • How to EP (for mothers considering EPing)
    • How to increase/maintain/reduce supply when EP
    • How to reduce number of pumps per day
    • How to prevent engorgement or blocked ducts when EP
    • How to prevent cracked nipples when EP
    • How to build and manage a freezer stash effectively

  • Up to 2 visits

    • Visits can be made to any address in Singapore
    • Each visit will be up to 1 hour and should coincide with a pumping session in order for Baby Planner SG to observe and/or go through any of the relevant topics, such as:
      • How you massage your breasts before/after each pump session to ensure you are fully empty
      • Your flange fitting and pump settings
      • How to perform hand expressions effectively
      • Various techniques on how to get rid of clogs
      • Various techniques on how to manage pain

  • Unlimited community support

    • Baby Planner SG will provide unlimited support via an exclusive community group to support you throughout your pumping journey

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Free Resources: Breastfeeding and Pumping Support Group

Besides all the individualised support mentioned in the Lactation Consultant Services mentioned above, Baby Planner SG also offers unlimited community support at our Breastfeeding Support Facebook Group created specially for Singapore-based breastfeeding mothers.

Lactation Support Services

More Free Resources: Breastfeeding and Pumping Blog

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