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Sleep Training Services to Help Baby Sleep Better

Parents Get Much Needed Rest too!

As new parents, a baby’s sleep is usually the biggest source of stress. Somehow, they don’t seem to know how to fall asleep on their own or stay asleep for long. The worst is, they fight sleep the hardest when they are tired.

Why is Sleep Important?

Research findings indicate a positive association between sleep and overall cognitive development in typically developing infants and young children. 

Similar to adults, a baby who has learnt to fall asleep by him/herself from a state of being fully awake is also capable of putting himself or herself back to sleep when they wake up in the middle of the night or their naps. Such a baby would hence spend a lot less time crying and fighting sleep, and get the optimal amount rest that they need for their age.

Sleep is not just important for your baby, but also for parents and the rest of the family.

Sleeping Baby

What is Sleep Training?

Sleep training is the general term used for teaching your baby how to fall asleep from the state of being fully awake, without the aid of motion or carrying. Sounds like a dream? The journey there involves getting the baby used to age-appropriate routines and wake times, and can be achieved more easily than most believe.

Thought Bubbles

Will I have to let my baby Cry It Out until he falls asleep?

There is a common misunderstanding that sleep training is another word for “letting babies cry themselves to sleep”. This is not true, though many do cry before they fall asleep (even while being carried or rocked).

Most of Baby Planner SG's baby sleep consultant services is about understanding what your family's priorities are, and then developing routines which are appropriate for the baby’s natural development yet make sense for the rest of the family. These need routines need not mean overt restrictions on your family’s lifestyle, but create loose schedules which provide times for rest in between activities.

S$200 Consultation includes:

  • 90-minutes Sleep Consultation

    • Detailed interview to learn your family’s preferences, priorities and your child(ren)’s sleep habits
    • Best conducted in your home in order for our Baby Sleep Consultant to better understand the sleep environment

  • Personalised Sleep Plan

    • A customised Sleep Plan for your child(ren) will be provided within a week from the Consultation
    • Sleep Plan will include step-by-step guidance on what needs to be done to improve your child(ren)'s sleep

  • Up to 3 Customised Support Options

    • Based off our assessment from the Consultation, your Personalised Sleep Plan will also be accompanied by 3 no-obligation options for further support (costing between $0-500) from Baby Planner SG

Why Consider Baby Sleep Training Services?


Better Time-Management and Physical Health

With a sleep-trained baby/child, parents can spend more time completing other activities and getting the much-needed rest their bodies need.

Parental Embrace_2

Better Emotional Health

More importantly, parents can be relieved of the mental strain from worrying about whether their baby is getting sufficient rest, or feeling helpless or trapped by the hours they need to slept putting their baby to sleep.

Sleeping Arrangements

More Social Time

A sleep-trained baby may fall asleep by the early evening, or be able to fall asleep outside of their own home, empowering parents with more free time to engage in self care or social activities.

Sleep training is very much linked to creating and following an age-appropriate routine. There are many books out there that discuss this but the hardest part is actually understanding exactly how to apply what we read, especially if baby does not seem to behave as described in the books. Here are some blogposts which we hope help, but nothing beats having our experienced Baby Planner help you customise a routine which works for your family:

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In all we do, Baby Planner SG respects your family's preferred choices

While we offer sleep training services, we also fully support assisting your baby to sleep if you so prefer. Our experienced Baby Planning Consultant is familiar with various methods of swaddling, rocking, carrying and/or patting to sleep, and will be able to share what works better during which phases of your baby’s development. She can also make recommendations on what sorts of equipment/accessories which will be essential or helpful with the various methods, and more importantly, tell you what DOESN’T work so you don’t waste money and space buying white elephants! This is particularly important since certain equipment/accessories are only useful or effective if you plan to adopt certain sleeping arrangements.

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