Baby Carrier Evaluation Services


Please indicate if you would prefer a video/voice consultation prior to the fitting session or at face-to-face just before the fitting session

Please provide 2-3 preferred dates/times (at least 3 days notice) and we will get back to you with a confirmation

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S$150 Baby Carrier Evaluation Services includes:

  1. Downloadable Materials
    • Introduction to Ergonomic Babywearing
  2. Up to 1 hour of Consultation
    • To understand your family’s needs, lifestyle and preferences
    • Done via face-to-face meeting at any address in Singapore or text or a video/voice call, per your preference
  3. Up to 1 hour of Fitting Session
    • Provision at least 3 carriers based on your lifestyle and preferences, for you to try on
    • Provision of expert fitting advice by a Babywearing Educator
  4. Rental of up to 2-3 carriers for 2 weeks or a $20 discount off any carrier purchased

You can choose to mix and match how much time you prefer Baby Planner SG or the Babywearing Educator to spend consulting or doing the fitting with you.

Any additional time spent with you during any face-to-face sessions will be charged at S$50/30mins or part of thereof; any follow-up face-to-face sessions or support provided via text/videos will be charged at a rate of $60/hour or part of thereof separately.