Care Arrangement Evaluation Services

Evaluating Child Care Options Thoroughly, Logically and Exclusively for Your Family

Deciding which child care arrangement works best for your family is never easy. Whether to lose your privacy by getting a live-in helper, placing your precious children in the care of relatives or a nanny or sending them to infant or child care services – or some combination of options – all have their pros and cons. It can be a very emotional process for the family, with potentially differing views between spouses or family members. It is sometimes very helpful to have an independent and trusted voice of a Baby Planner to evaluate the various options with you.

Why Consider Child Care Arrangement Evaluation Services?

Care Arrangements

Consider All Care Arrangement Options Thoroughly

The best option for child care arrangement must be what gives both the parents and child(ren) the best outcome in the long run. Our Baby Planning Consultant will seek to understand the amount of support your relatives may be able to provide, the type of hours you work, your personal preferences or comfort level with certain aspects of various arrangements, etc. These will provide clarity on which arrangement(s) work best for your family on a sustainable basis, and the trade-offs necessary.

Make Decisions Objectively

Make Decisions Objectively

While we all have preferences based on our own experiences, or are used to basing decisions on recommendations of our friends and family, our personal biases may not always be objective. Our Baby Planning Consultant will weigh the various considerations in all care arrangement options and marry that with your family’s unique situation. She will then provide a recommendation on which arrangement(s) likely work best for your family on a sustainable basis.

Choose intelligently

Shortlist and Evaluate Options for the Decided Arrangement Intelligently

Whether you have decided to search a helper, nanny or preschool, you need to choose the right helper or preschool. Our Baby Planning Consultant has devised proprietary frameworks and interview questionnaires to help you with the selection process. If you prefer, she can even shortlist options based on your family and/or conduct the interviews or preschool visits with or for you. Finally, she can help you with an objective scoring system to rank the choices if necessary.

Save Time and Money

Shortlisting helpers, nannies or possible preschools take a lot of time and effort. This involves research on the background, evaluating the reviews of and interviewing or visiting each shortlisted option. Notes taken during all these processes need to be evaluated and weighed against each other to create a ranking of or make a decision on the final care arrangement. Let our Baby Planning Consultant take on the bulk of this effort and present you with recommendations you can trust.

Support and Validation

Receive Support and Validation

No matter which decision you make, it is common for parents to suffer from periods of doubt or guilt with their chosen child care arrangement. Your mental and emotional health is important to us, and so our Baby Planning Consultant can offer a listening ear when these occur, and if possible, suggestions for mitigation actions. If any aspect of the original circumstances have changed, she can also provide an objective re-evaluation on whether the existing child care arrangement should be reconsidered.

How much does such Pregnancy Support Services Cost?

Our Baby Planning Services are bespoke, tailored according to your needs. It is largely a time-based service, so everything described on this page above could cost between $200-800, depending on how much support you prefer from us. Our philosophy is you should be able to save more than what you have spent by hiring us!

In all we do, Baby Planner SG respects your family's preferred choices

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