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Pregnancy Support Services

Pregnancy Support - the Way You Want It, to Give You a Peace of Mind

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

It is a very exciting time as you experience all the different emotions as you prepare to become new parents. You will soon realise that you will receive a lot of questions, and also a lot of advice on which gynae to see, which hospital to give birth in, what baby essentials to buy, etc. Many pieces of advice might sound conflicting, superstitious, or horribly expensive.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s perfectly normal! Our experienced Baby Planner is here to provide a logical sounding board and listening ear to guide you through some of the most important decisions you will make during your pregnancy. Her minimalist approach can also help you cut through the marketing noises you will hear from different companies trying to get you to buy, bUY and BUY to prepare for your new baby, and also provide assurance on whether you can choose to continue your preferred lifestyle through your pregnancy.

Why Consider Pregnancy Support Services?

Pregnany Support

Picking a Gynae

Learn what the right questions to ask are during your gynae visits to figure whether he/she is the right gynae for you, and ensure he/she will arrange for the best possible care during your hospital stay

Sleeping Arrangements

Decorating Your Home

Have our Baby Planner visit your home to discuss the possible sleeping arrangements to minimise the stress and improve the likelihood that things work out the way you envision after you come home with the new baby

Shopping for Pram

Shopping (or not!) for Baby Essentials

Plan for and buy only the furniture and baby accessories you need based on your family’s lifestyle and circumstances, so you buy the best items for your family and not end up buying things you will not use

New Lifestyle

Understanding Post Partum Care

Learn the pros and cons of different post-partum care options – live-in confinement nanny services, food delivery services, post-natal massage services, lactation consultant services or live-in helper, etc

Keeping track of preparations

Receive a personalised checklist and timeline based on your family’s preferences, and decide which items you might want to spend or and which to spend less on, and/or “outsource” for someone else to prepare

Choose intelligently

Ensuring a Peace of Mind

Bust myths people advise you on, or understand the origins of the thinking, so as to be able to evaluate which practices you want to follow to obtain the benefits you think are important and decide your preferred pregnancy lifestyle

How much does such Pregnancy Support Services Cost?

Our Baby Planning Services are bespoke, tailored according to your needs. It is largely a time-based service, so everything described on this page above could cost between $200-600, depending on how much support you prefer from us. Our philosophy is you should be able to save more than what you have spent by hiring us!

In all we do, Baby Planner SG respects your family's preferred choices

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