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Personal Shopper Services to Find the Best Baby Carrier for Your Family

Baby carriers, wraps, slings and ring slings – what are differences between all of them and why are there so many brands, materials and designs? Also, why does it seem some people have so many of them? While it is true that different types of carriers may meets different needs, our Minimalist Mum believes that each family can also do well with just one baby carrier. The key is in choosing the right one which suits the family’s preferences and the baby’s needs.

Why Consider Personal Shopper Services to Choose the Best Carrier for your Family?

Babywearing on the back

Ensure Your Baby's Safety

Not all carriers are made equal. The most important aspect when evaluating a baby carrier is the safety testing which the manufacturer has been through. In addition, carrying your baby in an ergonomic carrier will provide the support needed to his/her back and neck. It will also distribute the baby’s weight evenly and support his/her hips and knees correctly to for healthy development. In addition to how the carrier provides support and comfort to the baby, different carriers distribute the baby’s weight differently across the wearer’s body, affecting comfort levels significantly. Finally, the carrier itself is only half the issue, as the way you adjust the carrier’s fitting is also very important to the baby’s safety, comfort and the wearer’s comfort.


More than a Fashion Accessory

While most soft-structured carriers look alike, as do slings, wraps and ring slings, there are actually very technical differences between each of them. These could be due to the sizing, the materials, the fitting and more. It can be quite difficult to discern between them at the initial fitting, but the differences will show up much more apparently when you start using it daily. The differences could be in the ease of getting the baby in and out of the carrier, the ease of nursing in the carrier, how hot/cool the wearer or the baby feels after a short period of babywearing, or the number of adjustments which need to be made when a different person uses the carrier. Some carriers also last through a lot more stages of your baby’s growth than others.

Save time and money

Save Time and Money

There number of carrier brands in Singapore have increased exponentially between 2012 to 2019. Many release new carriers every year. While some are simply new designs, the technology and functionality of baby carriers have also improved vastly over the same period. Thorough research on all the pros and cons of each brand/model can therefore take up a lot of valuable time. In addition, it is highly likely online research results may skew toward the older and more established brands which may not have superior products which suit your needs best. Trust our Baby Planner Personal Shopper, who is familiar with many of the Babywearing Consultants in Singapore, with doing the research on your behalf to find the best value options!

Trust in Experience

The cost of a good baby carrier, sling, wrap or ring sling can range between S$50-2000. It takes a lot of time and deep understanding of the various factors that result in such a large price range amongst what seems to serve the same function – allowing parents to carry their babies in a hands-free manner. To help you find the most suitable type of carrier(s) for your family’s preferred lifestyle, our experienced Baby Planner Personal Shopper will ask you some very practical questions. These will help her understand how you prefer to spend your time, as well as what attributes in your lifestyle are most important to you. She will then make recommendations on which carrier types and brands are most suitable for your family.

How much does such Baby Carrier Evaluation Services Cost?

Our Baby Planning Services are bespoke, tailored according to your needs. You can decide if you prefer our Baby Planner Personal Shopper to just make recommendations on baby carriers with certain attributes, or shop with you to test out different carrier types to explain practically what to look out for or how to ensure a good fit, or shop entirely on your behalf.

If you're unsure about what might make sense, we also have a S$150 "standardised" Baby Carrier Evaluation Service to fit what we think most new parents will find helpful.

In all we do, Baby Planner SG respects your family's preferred choices

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