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Routine Development is Key to a Contented Baby

Most people have some sort of structure around their lives, whether they prefer to have more flexibility around the structure or more rigidity around it. This is because structure helps all of us make sense of the world, and allows us more time and energy to focus on the things that matter. This logic extends to having a new addition to your family. A newborn brings about a big change to your family, and you will need some time to adjust your existing routines, to find a new equilibrium that works.

Instead of doing it all by stressful trial and error, an experienced Baby Planner can help you predict and work through what sorts of adjustments suit your family’s circumstances and preferences – whether you have work commitments, other children going through different phases of development, or space constraints due to other families living in the same household. Her experience can help you understand why certain routines work better than others, and ensure new parents get as much rest as they can and time to continue their own activities to keep their mental and physical health despite the needs of the child(ren).

Why Consider Routine Development Services?

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Avoiding Stress

Trying out different ways to find balance in your new role as parents can be stressful and discouraging when things don’t work out optimally for one or more party. Our experienced Baby Planner can help you avoid common pitfalls and ease your adjustment period.


Personalising Routines

Every family is different, and so our Baby Planning Consultant will seek to understand your preferences and living circumstances. She will then provide recommentions on how you can best meet your new baby’s needs in a way that preserves the most important aspects of your preferred lifestyle.

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Evolving Routines

As your baby develops and natural needs change, your routines need to shift continually, especially over the first year. Our Baby Planner can help you look out for signs as to when adjustments need to be made and ensure smooth transitions through the development stages.

How much does such Routine Development Services Cost?

Our Baby Planning Services are bespoke, tailored according to your needs. Developing routines which work require a fine balance of getting breastfeeding right for your family, ensuring baby sleeps well during similar periods daily, and adjusting your family’s activities. Besides providing support via text or images/videos, our Baby Planner may visit your home to troubleshoot any issues you require.

It is largely a time-based service, so everything described on this page above could cost between $100-600, depending on how much support you prefer from us. Our philosophy is you should be able to save more than what you have spent by hiring us!

In all we do, Baby Planner SG respects your family's preferred choices

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Developing Routines