Simplest Washing Guide for Cloth Pads

  • Showerhead_3

    1. Hot Shower Stomp

    • Every day of your period

    • While you take a hot shower, allow the water and whatever soap/shampoo you are using to fall all over the soil pad(s)

    • Stomp vigorously all over the pad(s) throughout shower to remove as much period fluid as possible

  • Absorbent_3

    2. In Between Washing

    Pre-washed diapers should be kept in a pail or open basket with lots of big holes which provides lots of ventilation (a.k.a “dry pail”)

  • Washing Machine_3

    3. Second Wash (a.k.a "Main Wash")

    This should be done at 40-60oC, for 2-4hours (choose a long "cotton" cycle on your washing machine)

    • To be done every 1-4 days (diapers need not be dry from coming out of pre-wash)
    • ‘Heavily soiled’ dose of detergent
    • You can add in other laundry items which are less than 60cm x 60cm in size (or use a washing net for items larger than this)
    • Washing machine needs to be loosely full when dry to provide sufficient agitation between clothes for proper cleaning. It should be ½-¾ full when wet
  • Drying Rack_3

    4. Dry the pads

    You can choose either of 2 options - Line dry OR tumble dry on medium heat


For easier reference on your phone, save this Washing Guide as a picture on your phone.