Baby Planner SG Reusable Nappy Wash Guide

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    1. Dry Pail with lots of big holes for Ventilation

    • For cloth diapers with pee, just leave them in a pail or open basket with many large holes (a.k.a "dry pail") for 1-2 days until you are ready to do the first wash
    • For poop which can be rolled off, simply roll off the solid pieces into the toilet bowl and put the soiled cloth diaper into the dry pail 
    • For poop which cannot be rolled off, use a bidet spray to blast most of the poop off the cloth diaper over a toilet bowl and put the soiled diaper into the dry pail
    • When on the go, store your dirty diapers in good quality wet bags before emptying the wet bags into your dry pail when you reach home

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    2. First Wash (a.k.a "Pre-Wash")

    This should be done at 40-60oC, for 30-60mins (choose a short cycle on your washing machine with the highest possible spin speed)

    • To be done every 1-2 days, but within 24 hours if you have any diapers that have been worn for more than 4hrs 
    • Use ½ ‘heavily soiled’ dose of detergent
    • Washing machine should only contain soiled cloth diapers and/or pads ONLY (the machine does not need to be full)
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    3. Back to Dry Pail

    This step is only necessary if you are not doing the Main Wash immediately. You may opt to have a 2nd "clean" dry pail if you do not do a main wash every day and do not want freshly soiled diapers to "contaminate" these 80% clean diapers.

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    4. Second Wash (a.k.a "Main Wash")

    This should be done at 40-60oC, for 2-4hours (choose a long "cotton" cycle on your washing machine)

    • To be done every 1-4 days (diapers need not be dry from coming out of pre-wash)
    • ‘Heavily soiled’ dose of detergent
    • You can add in other laundry items which are less than 60cm x 60cm in size (or use a washing net for items larger than this)
    • Washing machine needs to be loosely full when dry to provide sufficient agitation between clothes for proper cleaning. It should be ½-¾ full when wet
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    5. Dry the cloth diapers

    You can choose either of 2 options - Lay flat to dry OR tumble dry on medium heat

    • Do not hang diapers with elastics to dry as the elastics will stretch and loosen over time
    • Do not bleach Mother-ease diapers as the Warranty will be void.
Diaper (Reusable)

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