Cracking the Preschool Code: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Family (17 Jan 2024) – Watch on Demand


Why attend this sharing:

If you have a young child and you have been wondering whether the present care arrangement is optimal for your child or your family, or you already know you want to send your child to a preschool but are unsure how to go about choosing one, come and learn how to crack the preschool code to find the best fit for your family.

In this 50min sharing session, we will share all the considerations, practical tips, scripts and secrets to uncover these 3 main segments and the following topics:

1. Figuring out your family’s unique priorities

  • Why you want the infant/child care centre arrangement for your family
  • What a perfect fit looks like

2. Creating the shortlist

  • Where to start and how to narrow down

3. Making the best of the school tour

  • What to ask and interview techniques
  • What to look out for

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Cracking the Preschool Code: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Family with Pregnant & Popped

  • Figuring out your family’s unique priorities
  • Step-by-step guide to create your shortlist of options
  • Interview techniques and what to look out for during school tours
  • Q&A


Event Details


Online via zoom


Date and time

Wednesday, 17 January 2024, 8-9pm


About the speaker

Yi Ling is the founder of Baby Planner SG, Singapore’s first one-stop maternity consultancy that provides unbiased support, information and resources to expecting and new parents.

Baby Planner SG offers personalised advice and practical solutions to empower young parents to meet their new baby’s needs while preserving the most important aspects of their preferred lifestyles.

Yi Ling is a mum of 3 children aged 4 (boy), 8 (girl) and 10 (boy). Her firstborn attended a full-day childcare from 23months to 4 years old, then a kindergarten in K1 and K2. Her second-born was homeschooled till she attended a kindergarten in N1, then full-day childcare from N2 to K2. Her youngest child attended infantcare at 9months before covid hit and then a full-day childcare from PG-N2 and has now just started at a new preschool.