Lactation Consultant Experience


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S$300 Lactation Consultation* Experience includes:

  1. Downloadable materials on
    • How to prevent or manage engorgement or block ducts
    • How to prevent or manage cracked nipples
    • Understanding how breastfeeding works
    • How to get a deep latch
    • How to perform hand expression
    • How to increase/maintain supply
  2. Up to 2 visits
    • Visits can be made to any home address in Singapore
    • Each visit will be up to 1 hour and should coincide with a latching and/or pumping session in order for Baby Planner SG to observe and/or go through any of the relvant topics, such as:
      • Your latching position and how to get a deep latch
      • How you massage your breasts before/after each pump session to ensure you are fully empty
      • Your flange fitting and pump settings
      • How to perform hand expressions effectively
      • Various techniques on how to get rid of clogs
      • Various techniques on how to manage pain
  3. Text support for up to 4 hours
    • Baby Planner SG will provide text support for up to 4 hours beyond the visit(s) to ensure we get sufficient background to understand the key issue(s) you have and help you resolve them thoroughly

You can choose to mix and match how much time you prefer Baby Planner SG to spend in face-to-face visit(s) with you to provide hands-on support or remote support via text.

Any additional time spent with you during any face-to-face sessions will be charged at S$25/30mins or part of thereof; any follow-up face-to-face sessions or support provided via text/videos will be charged at a rate of $50/hour or part of thereof separately.

* Please note that our Baby Planners are still undergoing IBCLC Certificvation but are experiences with helping many mothers with breastfeeding issues

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