3-Day Lite Confinement Nanny Package


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S$750 3-Day Lite Confinement Services includes:

  1. Downloadable Materials
    • How to get a deep latch
    • How to do perform hand expression
    • How to prevent engorgement, blocked ducts and/or cracked nipples
  2. Up to 3 Visits
    • Visits can be made to any home address in Singapore
    • Visits will last 4-6 hours each and can be made to your home anytime within the first 4 weeks after you give birth
    • Recommended for 1st visit to coincide with baby shower time to provide guidance as you shower your baby
    • Every visit to coincide with at least 2 feeding or pumping times to provide breastfeeding/pumping support
    • During every visit our Baby Planner will provide support on any questions you may have on baby and/or self care; once your questions are answered our Baby Planner will look after your baby for you while you rest
  3. Text Support for up to 4 Hours
    • Baby Planner SG will provide text support for up to 4 hours within the 4 weeks after you give birth to ensure you can get all the answers to any questions you have

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