Fathers and Mothers express themselves differently, but they love their children and their family all the same.

Here's some different ways mothers say "I love you" to their babies:

  • Pregnancy_1

    Puts up with weight gain, dry skin, endless puking or hunger pangs, and more while carrying her baby

  • Breast Pump_2

    Spends 6 hours a day having her nipples pulled by a machine while only having 4 hours of sleep

  • Baby Food_2

    Prepares a variety of nutritious and delicious food made from the best ingredients for her baby and only eats the leftovers

  • Routine_2

    Ensures everyone manages to get to work/school on time and the household is always well-stocked

  • Nursing Sling_1

    Carries her baby for up to 8 hours a day in order to get things done

  • Sleeping Baby_1

    Wakes up multiple times a night to ensure her baby gets enough rest

  • Toddler Steps-02

    Captures every milestone she can of her baby’s growing years

  • Thought Bubbles_1

    Lays awake at night struggling with mom-guilt over everything

On the other hand, here's some different ways fathers say "I love you" to their babies:

  • Pregnancy_1

    Tags along for antenatal scans, classes and/or labour, asks good questions and settles paperwork

  • Dad Embrace_2

    Cuddles and assures his baby that he is loved and in safe hands

  • Routine_2

    Washes endless bottles and pump parts, and updates baby’s records diligently

  • Dad Babywearing_2

    Carries his baby during long outings to keep mummy’s hands free

  • Checklist_2

    Plans for and manages schedules and finances for the family

  • Sleeping Baby_1

    Wakes up multiple times a night to meet baby’s needs and let mummy pump or rest

  • Dad Lifts Baby_2

    Proudly carries the title “Baby’s Favourite Playmate”

  • Parental Embrace_2

    Protects and makes the best decisions for his family

Despite the differences, both daddies and mummies love their babies and spouses, and becoming parents help them grow into the  better versions of themselves. So here's a big kudos to parenthood!

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