If you are not planning to do cloth diapering, chances are you will be using quite a lot of disposable diapers. Here are some tips to save some money on diapers:

  • Try to get your child used to not having to change diapers too often. It generally isn’t necessary to change diapers after a single pee. Of course, never compromise on hygiene so I usually try not to go over 3-6hours per diaper in the day and not more than 12hours overnight.
  • Buy in bulk. There are always sales of some sort of online or in stores and carton prices are usually cheaper than single-pack prices.
  • Use cheaper diapers in the day when you are changing them more often and only better-quality diapers (which tend to be more expensive) at night.
  • Use pull-ups (which tend to be more expensive) only when your child is dressing standing up, and only in the daytime unless potty training at night.
  • Get your baby used to a few brands and buy whenever the per-piece price makes sense.

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