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Building and managing a freezer stash

I have written about managing breastfeeding in general but wanted to write this post specifically to share with new mothers who are keen to build a freezer stash of expressed breastmilk (“ebm”). This is not something every mother wants to do, but its merits are: Having some breastmilk stored up for a rainy day could…

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Buying second hand – How much can I really save?

Buying second hand is the smartest thing you can do for baby items! This is because (i) you/the usually only need to use the items for a short period of time (and the item was only used for a short period of time) and (ii) you do not know if your child/family might prefer a…

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How to reduce amount of money spent on diapers

If you are not planning to do cloth diapering, chances are you will be using quite a lot of disposable diapers. Here are some tips to save some money on diapers: Try to get your child used to not having to change diapers too often. It generally isn’t necessary to change diapers after a single…

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Basic essentials to prepare before baby is born

To me, clothes are the last thing you should buy before baby is born, because you may get hand-me-downs. And newborn hand-me-downs tend to be in really good condition because they are usually only worn for a couple of months. However, you do need to ensure you have enough washed and ready by the time…

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